Lies…all lies. :-) and YIKES

Weight Watchers Vs. Summer Break round 310.
(score so far: WW 3, SB 307)
Since September 9th last year I’ve been using the WW Points system to lose weight. I love it because it’s not a diet. I can’t diet. If I diet I gain weight because I’ll be going along just fine until wham! I run into 1 pound of Hersheys, a sleeve of Chips AHoy and Bills Catfish..all on the same day. And after that I go a little crazy. Or a lot crazy. It’s not pretty.
So I haven’t been dieting.
I’ve been working my WW, exercising, drinking my water. Life is good and I’m dropping sizes.
Part of this journey has been hanging out on WW message boards. My favorite is the Bravo board because you get to see how people are progressing.
It’s great inspiration.
But I think a lot of these people are aliens.
I’m serious!
They talk about how after so long friend food doesn’t even taste good anymore. How sweets aren’t nearly so tempting. How life without chocolate or Krispy Kreme really is great.
I decided to chance that tonight by making french fries for my family.
My husband hasn’t been so happy in months. The fry daddy is his favorite cooking utensil, but it hasn’t been used since last September.
I poured the oil in the tub and squinched up my nose at the atrocious smell and look of pure Wesson. That lasted about five minutes.
After that the fries smelled great. And I don’t know when fried food is ever going to stop tasting incredible. I loved every one (of the, oh, probably 107) I ate.
I don’t think I can figure out the points on this one.

It got me thinking about habits and how important it is to develop habits in life.
I broke the writing habit and it’s been hard to get it back.
I better be careful or I’mm going to break the Points and exercise habits too.

I was interviewed today about my writing by the local paper. I’m co-chair of the small writer’s conference my RWA chapter holds and the reporter wanted to know about the group and about my writing journey. It was cool but also a little freaky. I gave her some other chapter member names and numbers. I hope she’ll call them. They’re published. They can give her more info from a different perspective. It was cool to brag on the published members in my group. She wanted to know if they were vanity press published or just on the web. Neither! It was fabulous to talk about my CP Karen Kelley and her multiple contracts and the power of a dream, about Linda Broday who wrote an NRCA historical winner about a girl who goes blind while she was battling her own blindness due to MS, about our chapter president who writes fro Genesis and for an e-pub (the e-pubs aren’t romance. They’re asian historicals and they sound wonderful), and about the marvelous Melissa Shroeder who’s publishing erotic romance and is out in trade with Mary Janice Davidson right now.
It was awesome to talk about the scope of romance and how in our tiny group we run the gamut from inspirational and young adult to historical or erotic but it’s all the same journey to publication.
We’ll see how it all ends up when the story runs. WOW was it ever scary.
But it definitely made me want to write.
Which is a good thing.
Time’s slipping by. I need to redevelop the habit and get back into the game.
Especially now that my entire town is going to know what I’m doing. YIKES!


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