I’m back…weigh in and retreat

Four more days and summer’s here. I can’t wait.
I missed yesterday’s update. I’ve now lost 51 pounds. I looked through my weight log and realized I’ve either gained or lost what I gained the last two months. ICK. Time to move on.

The retreat was a blast. It’s always rejuvenating to just hang out with other writers and veg. We plotted, talked, critiqued, ate and drank. Some of us even went swimming. The hundred degree days warmed the lake perfectly.
I shared my synopsis and the opening of my new work with the writers there. It was intimidating to say the least. This is a whole new direction for me and here were these incredible writers sitting there willing to listen. Two are my normal critique partners, but it was different at the retreat.
I wanted to share. I was excited about what I’d written. I never planned on crying. But I did. A LOT. I was just overcome with sadness and then overwhelming peace and then more sadness. It was so strange. But it was amazing too. I’ve never really felt this close to a work before. It made me wonder if maybe I’m not a little too close to this story. I’m writing it because I feel like it’s the story I’m supposed to write. We’ll see what happens.

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