woo hoo, thank you LORD!

1400 yearbooks out, only three angry parents. I’m one happy camper!
It’s been a little crazy in the Lee household these days. One more week and I’m a full time writer for 2 months. I can’t wait. My goals: to flesh out my inspirational and finish my YA paranormal. Life is good.
Life really is good. It’s something I sometimes forget in the midst of all these crazy days. This week one of my good friends found out her husband has terminal cancer. Last month he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a little stomach virus. This week that little virus turned out to be a few weeks, maybe months, to live.
I’ve been gripey these days, complaining about my crazy life and the horrible hours and whiny students and a witchy hormonal teenager who loves me one minute and wishes I’d fly away to the moon the next. This helped put things in perspective.
I’m gone the next three days on a writers retreat with friends. My goal is to write…LOTS. My friends will be plotting. I don’t plot first all that often, but I like to help them.
Life is good. 🙂

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