Daily Archives: April 26, 2005

The Battle of Little Big Living Room

I sat in dh’s chair, the chair that’s a tad too big, but super comfy and next to the remote. Somewhere in the back of mind is the crazy idea I should be cleaning house. Don’t ask where the idea comes from as I have NO earthly idea. Instead I keep flipping channels. Soaps. QVC. Home & Garden. Ah… here we go. NYPD Blue. Back in the day when Jimmy Smitz and Kim Dalaney were smoking up the sceen.
One Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper and a scrumptious healthy soup lunch later I’m settling in for the love scene at the end of the show. Can we say chemistry?
Just as they’re getting to the good part a sparkle catches my eye.
I investigate.
A half full bag of Hershey’s Kisses, sitting beside my husband’s chair, waiting patiently to be eaten.
I ignore them and turn back to the TV. It’s a diaper commercial. 😦
The Kisses keep sparkling in their red and silver wrappers and I keep ignoring them at the same time I wonder what kind of super powers my darling dear possesses.
Another Diet Coke later and the love scene’s over. It’s on to Law and Order.
And I figure, what the heck. What’s one Kiss?
15 Kisses later the bag’s no longer half full. It’s pretty much empty. I know, I know. A half full bag of Kisses is not gone after 15. Who’s counting?
I’m blaming this on NYPD Blue. It was the love scene.

GH mail

I got my Golden Heart scores in the mail. They stunk.
And you know what? That’s okay.
I keep reading all these messages from people talking about how they ranked in the top quarter or bottom half and people are really upset about this and all I can think, is whoa people, save the rejection stings for real rejection.
I love the Golden Heart contest. It gives all the unpubs like me a chance to get their work out there, competing against thousands of other hopefuls. Those that final have the chance to get their entire manuscript in front of an editor. And lots of people sell those books. Attending the awards ceremony is fabulous. And every year I don’t enter I kick myself because I’ve given up any opportunity to be on that stage in that pretty dress saying thank you to my chapter (RRRW), my CPs (the Bad Girls Critique Group), and super cool authors Shelley Bradley and Sylvia McDaniels for their unwavering faith in my future success.
The only reason I enter is to final. So far I’ve been 100% unsuccessful.
But that’s okay.
When my scores came in, I cringed for exactly three seconds. And then I put them back in their envelope and put the envelope in the trash. It’s not that I don’t care about what other writers think about my work. It’s just that it really DOESN’T matter what other writers think about my work. Editors matter. One day, an agent will matter. MY CPs matter. Once I’m published, my readers will matter.
I hope that’s a healthy way to look at the GH.
It’s an opportunity like no other.
It’s an exciting contest with great value if you final. And it’s a BLAST to hang out on message boards the day the finalist calls go out. It hurts a little when you do’t get the call, but it’s just so amazing to read the stories of those who do get the call, it makes it okay.
The big thing is the GH is a contest. Some finalists don’t sell. The key to being published isn’t a contest. the key to publishing is writing. And then getting that work out there.
Just my opinion.