Daily Archives: April 22, 2005

An experiment

Yesterday as I talked about my love for language I realized I hadn’t written poetry in years. Today while working hall duty I decided to try a little free verse just to see if I could capture the rhythm of language. I have no idea if that poetry would touch a place in a reader’s heart. But I do know, it touched a place in mine. I wrote page after page of a journal type exposition that captured the flavor of that poem. I don’t have the words with me today, but I’ll post them later just to remind myself and maybe show others how a simple exercise with words, a word play of sorts, can inspire so much more.
There’s so much more to the craft of writing than writing. But the writing is the most important part.

*I’m in San Angelo this weekend with a group of awesome kids. We’re competing at the academic regional competition tomorrow. DD is competing in headline writing and I’m so excited.
This trip has marked a huge change in our relationship. I don’t know if it was earning the spot to compete at regional by winning at district or if it’s just a little maturity, but for the first time she’s hanging out with her friends and waving bye to me. I should simply be proud that she’s growing up, but I guess I’m selfish. It hurts a little. It’s just another part of motherhood I’m learning. I bet the lessons never really end.