I restarted my WIP tonight. I’m almost afraid to put that in writing because the last time I did I slammed into a wall of my own creation.
I’m participating in a BIAW challenge. Hopefully it’ll help.
I had to start, delete, restart and delete for thirty minutes before I could go on, but once I found the rhythm I was looking for, I couldn’t seem to stop. It was glorious.
This book is different from anything else I’ve written because it does have an internal beat. It’s a family drama and I’m trying to make sure the two main characters have definite voice. I think this journal has helped with that tremendously!
I’m also working to ensure there’s story questions to both main characters’ stories and that those questions intertwine with the theme. So far it’s working. One part of me keeps saying to forget all that technical stuff, but another part of me is loving the challenge. It’s very different for me. Usually I sit at the keyboard and wait for the magic to hit or plug through until I’ve got my time in. This time, I have a synopsis, so I know the relationship turning points as well as several key plot elements. As I write I go back and tweak the technicals. It’s almost like I’m putting one of those giant two thousand piece puzzles together. Surprisingly, it’s fun.
I’ve never been a fan of the whole write the synopsis first club. For this book, it’s working! I wrote the synopsis a couple weeks ago and scenes have been percolating. I think I like this!
Recently I’ve seen several changes in submission guidelines for different houses. One is that editors are encouraging Query and Synopsis first, sometimes with a partial. I don’t think I could just query without part of the book written. But once I have three chapters, I’m going to start the submission process with this book. I think. By the time I get through chapter three, I could change my mind. 🙂

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