Daily Archives: April 14, 2005


I’m going to Austin tomorrow and I was faced with a dilemma. To weigh or not to weigh.
My weigh in day is Monday.
I’ve had one heck of a difficult month. I thought and thought and thought some more and finally after elliptical heaven I decided I would weigh. If I hadn’t lost, I’d know to work hard in Austin. If I had, I’d be inspired.
I’m inspired. I hit the 5-0 mark today. Woo Hoo! I have 30 to go. I can do it and I’m NOT going to diet.

The Essential Element

I’ve been thinking about romance and what it is and what it isn’t and what I want to do to make my work stand out. And as I’ve pondered the question for months now, I’ve had little success with finding an answer…until today.
A couple weeks ago I discovered most of my yearbook staff had never seen Dead Poet’s Society. I couldn’t believe it! Today, I rectified that travesty. And there on the screen I watched Robin Williams in the story that changed my life as a teenager and realized the answer. Passion.
Passion’s not sex, but it can be. It’s not tension, but it can be. Passion is a life force. It’s that feeling of looking at someone and knowing you want to spend forever with them even though the idea of forever is so darn scary!
Passion is watching your baby sleep on her side, her little face pressed to the baby quilt your grandmother gave you.
Passion is the drive that makes Olympic marathon runners train and train and train and then start the run and go until they drop and then get back up and start all over again.
It’s the invisible force that takes over when I sit behind a computer and start creating fictional characters and places and before I know it page one is page 30.
It’s what I need to find and convey. It’s real. And it’s why I love the romance genre.