The cursor on the blank page of my Word document has started taunting me.
I’m not joking.
It blinks and waits and blinks and waits and blinks some more.
And the words don’t come.
I’ve never really been in this strange place with my writing. I have a synopsis and I’m ready to write the story but my mind won’t stop spinning in a million different directions, none of which have doodly-crap to do with my WIP—if I happen to be sitting at my computer.
It’s not a fun place to be.
But it’s not agonizing either.
Because even while my cursor taunts, inside my brain full scenes are playing out. It’s strange how real they seem. They come to me at the oddest times. On the way to work. In the shower. While I’m cooking supper.
I see these people and I feel like I know them and there’s a strange sense of anticipation that I’ve never really had before.
Seems like I should be able to write better than ever with all that, but it’s almost like my brain is saying no way, huh-uh. We’re going to wait until you can curl up in a chair with the laptop and iPod and go at it for hours on end. Five minutes here or there just isn’t going to cut it.
I sure hope that’s the case.
The book I’m working on is something completely new for me. It’s an older book, a bigger book, deeper maybe.
It’s a challenge. And I thrive in challenging situations.
But sitting here looking at an empty word document is a challenging situation I’m not too sure of.
So I’m feeling a little bi-polar writer right now. Excited, afraid, confused, certain. It’s strange.

Great blog today by Karen Kelley:
If you need inspiration, go check it out.

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