Living Dangerously

Or maybe it’s just a peek into my life

Or maybe it’s just a writing exercise or two or ten

Or is it more?

I have to ask myself these questions right now because of what I’ve seen recently out there in the blogging world. Actually, it probably has more to do with the fact that my mom sent me an e-mail about my blog and I realized OMG my MOM is reading my blog. (Hi mom)
Anyway, I guess what I’m seeing is pretty out there. Strange. A little frightening.
One of my favorite blogs to check out is Romancing the Blog. I love it. It’s almost like an informal RWA chapter meeting. I got hooked on blogs by reading Alison Kent’s. I decided to start my own blog after reading Suzanne Mcminn’s on a daily basis. But lately I see a lot of hurt feelings and mean comments and I’m thinking is it even worth putting yourself out there?
I know my answer.
For me the answer’s yes. But my blog is different from others. I’m not a published author and I don’t look at this as a marketing tool. It’s just my experiences with writing (or NOT writing). It’s like a journal (thus the name:LiveJournal) only better because I have to work a little bit at it. It’s fun to share my experiences and it’s super cool when I get comments.
I’m not political, so I’m not stirring up controversy in the bloggosphere. When I read a great book, I want to share. When I read a bad book, I want to share that too. When I get a rejection, I want to whine. When I get a request I want to jump and down and write about it.
I guess it’s that write about it thing that makes this space so important to me.
I’m strange. (Hi again, Mom!) But I think I’m pretty normal for a writer. I’ve always been able to put words down on paper better than saying them out loud. When I was a teenager, I would write out arguments for why I should be off restriction, why I wasn’t going to hell, why Wichita Falls was not the evil big city a few miles down the road, so I should be able to drive there if I wanted.
I would usually try using the notes to speak the words, but it worked a lot better to just give the paper to my parents and let them come to their own conclusions. No you can’t be off restriction (I had no problem with speaking if it included snarky comments made to my mother, usually under my breath, but there were times…..that’s another story), Of course you’re not going to hell, and Wichita Falls is the center of all that is evil in our county and no you CAN NOT drive there with your friends.
Even though I didn’t win many written arguments with my parents, I did develop my voice. And I started creating stories about people and happily ever after (or not) and I shared those stories with my friends, and they asked for more, so I wrote more and more and more. And my love affair with romance started. My first critique partners were my freshmen friends who wanted to know if my hero and heroine would ever make it past first base. (No. What did I know about past first base?!)
I’d pretty much stopped my journaling until I started this blog. Sure, if I went through major writer’s block, I’d break out the old spirals and grab a pencil and start writing away, but it wasn’t regular and I don’t know that it helped. This does. It’s my journey. And I choose to share it. I hope others don’t stop sharing their journeys because of hurt feelings and spiteful comments.

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