Daily Archives: April 11, 2005

Some days

Weigh in: I lost 4 1/2 of the five pounds I gained last week. Thank God! Now on to more losses. 🙂

Today after my workout I walked into the locker room and heard a mom and her teenage daughter arguing. Mom wanted to know why teen daughter bothered coming with her because she never wanted to workout, she just wanted to interrupt mom’s workout. Teenage daughter whined, told mom she was wrong and continued to interrupt.
I know. It sounds like no big deal. But for me, it was HUGE!
I’m always beating myself up for being a bad mom. I mean ALWAYS. This conversation let me see a few things:
1.) DD and I have a perfectly normal relationship.
2.) Teenagers have mouths. They’re not nice all that often. Take advantage of the nice times and hold them close to your heart. Within a couple days it’s back to the norm.

A long time ago my mom laughed and laughed when she realized how hard headed my dd was. She got the biggest kick out of telling me I’d earned this one.
I had no idea what she meant…for all of ten minutes. And that hard headedness doesn’t go away.
But what does happen is I grow as a mother. And as I grow I learn certain behaviors are normal. And I learn to choose my battles. And I have a blast watching dd grow up. DD might be heard headed, she might be what my mother calls a super-duper-strong willed child, but I wouldn’t change her for anything in the world. Not even for the last twenty minutes of my workout in peace.

I’m going to Austin this weekend for my state’s scholastic journalism conference. I’m so excited, but MAN, what a bummer too. Friday I got an e-mail from New York Times UpFront asking me to sit in on the editorial board meeting. They were willing to PAY for my trip to NYC, my lodging, my meals, a Broadway play. Now, while I realize I just got back from NYC, saying no to this was TOUGH! I mean, I had to pass up the opportunity to sit in the offices of the New York Times. Just the thought gets me all hot and giddy. I’m totally not joking. I have the same reaction to newsprint and the scent of ink as others do to chocolate. Okay, so the truth is I have the reaction to chocolate too! 🙂 Of course, I’m sure editorial offices at NYT are NOTHING like other editorial offices I’ve been in. But surely they still have the great newspaper smell I know and love!
Anyway, I had to pass up the opportunity because I already have eight kids ready to go learn and get revitalized for next year and no way could I tell them I was passing. Besides I’m teaching four classes at the conference. That would’ve been a little sorry dog of me. Hopefully UpFront remembers me and invites me back!
One good thing about this: I get to write this weekend. At least I figure I get to write. I usually write at these things. 🙂