Daily Archives: April 4, 2005


I wrote today. It’s totally different and I’m looking forward to this story and I’m a little afraid but excited at the same time because I think I have a real chance to stretch myself with this story. It’s Women’s Fiction with two main characters, sisters. I started it last night in first person, but I think I’m going to go back and change it to third. Today I wrote the synopsis to see if the story had enough depth to support ST. Uh yeah. The depth is there. The synopsis is 10 pages and it’s mostly emotion and turning points no huge plot twists.
Of course romance plays a role in the book. A major role. But the story is about the sisters and their relationship and how we so often let guilt drive us. And it’s about letting go and letting God. J
I needed to learn the sisters’ lessons. Funny how a 10-page synopsis helped me do just that. I can’t believe how it just flowed from me. It was like the story’s been in my mind forever. Maybe it has. It’s definitely fiction, but some of the emotions are mine and some of the situations are close to my life. The main character, the oldest sister, is a lot like me. Especially in her faults!!! I’m excited about this story, but a little afraid too. I guess if there wasn’t a little fear, it wouldn’t be worth writing.