The Weight Game

UGH! This week’s been the worst in months. Not sure why. For some reason I was HUNGRY beyond belief every time I came home from work. Instead of ignoring it, eating some fruit or going for a walk, I gave in and ate nachos or candy or any of a million other things guaranteed to make me feel like crap. I don’t know why. It’s like Lent was over, I was free to eat chocolate and all the chocolate in the world needed to watch out! I was on a mission.
I still worked out five times this week. I just really have to focus on this during the week ahead. It’s essential.
Maybe I just needed to be reminded that while some people don’t have issues with food, I DO. I always have. I always will. Even when I reach goal.
This week’s going to be a big challenge. My brother’s going to be here with his family Tuesday-Friday. DD’s birthday is Wednesday. It’s deadline week for the newspaper and I have to start working on leadership for next year.
So I’m going to do some pre-goals:
1.) Report my week HONESTLY tomorrow. Own the issues. 🙂
2.) If I’m hungry when I get home, I’ll eat fruit or popcorn
3.) Work out five days this week
4.) Eat three good point friendly meals every day of the work week. **Especially make sure I eat a quality lunch to make sure I don’t have a repeat of last week.
5.) LOST the focus on the weight and FOCUS on the HEALTH!!!
#5 is the most important of those pre-goals. I’m not sure what happened last week or why, but I think that might be the key.


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