Full Circle

I fell in love with journalism when I was in high school. It was exciting and wonderful and I didn’t really have to talk to do it. I had to INTERVIEW, but I didn’t really have to talk. I could talk to people one at a time and then I wrote and wrote and wrote. Back then I loved those stories, but looking at them today, I see they weren’t all that special. They weren’t all that special because I was afraid to really talk to people. Not afraid in the normal way. Afraid in a strange, scary way that hit me sometime between 8th and 9th grade.
Suddenly talking to more than one person at a time scared the liver out of me. I literally threw up after giving speeches. The fear was ridiculous, but I couldn’t make it go away. So I turned to my fiction. No one in my stories was afraid. They were strong and beautiful and smart. I lived vicariously through those creations.
I’m not sure when the fear disappeared, but it happened as quickly as it had started. I think it might have been speech class my freshman year in college. Those years I was afraid to talk aren’t fun to remember. But they gave birth to my love of writing. I can’t be sorry for that. 🙂


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