Daily Archives: February 27, 2005


A long time ago I could sit down at the computer and write and write and write.
Even a year ago I found myself writing all the time.
The last two months have stunk for me as far as writing goes. And then tonight I sat down to write and…nothing.
I know the problem. It’s easy. When you don’t write, you can’t write or you won’t write or you’re tempted to write something else only the time never comes around to get started on that something else. It’s easy to write if you do it. It’s hard to write if you let long periods go by without doing it. The creative brain just can’t shake the funk it’s in. At least that’s my take on it.
Or maybe it’s just the manicotti I made for supper. 🙂 It was an Everyday Italian recipe. I think it had a bajillion calories. But it was good. 🙂 Good thing I worked out an extra hour this week.
Okay. I’m going to go write. And I’m going to do the same thing tomorrow and the next day and the next. Before too long, hopefully writing will be as normal as exercise is to me these days. It used to be more natural.
How did I end up in this strange place?