The Weight Game

Late with this one. I’ve been on a major deadline so the hours at work have been LONG!
This week’s weigh in was sad. No loss, no gain.
At first I was good with it. Last week I had a huge loss and staying the same is to be expected. No prob.
Then for some reason today I had this strange feeling. suddenly i was looking at this as a race. I wanted to lose the weight NOW! And that feeling led to a nasty craving for massive sugar which led to me eating an oatmeal cream pie and 32 Pringles. Yes, I counted them so I could do the points! After that brief meltdown (I swear I inhaled the junk in less than two minutes and twelve seconds) I was better. I shrugged off the icky feeling, told myslef this was NOT a race, it was a lifetime. Then I went out to eat Mexican (my fave). And I ate responsibly all while having a blast with the best newspaper and yearbook staffs in the world. Afterwards I felt rejuvinated. Alive. DD and I Salsa danced in the parking lot. She kept saying , Thank God we’re not famous or our pictures would be in the tabloids tomorrow. (I didn’t say anything about my dream of being famous one day. She’s heard it her entire life. At that point we were penguin walking, so I figured that might be a discussion for another time)
Just got back from the hour-long workout at the Y. Much better. No problem.
It’s a journey, not a race. And if I have to penguin walk to get there, I will get there one day anyway.

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