Whoa, there for a minute I thought I was getting a compliment

It’s funny how I’ve been steadily losing a pound or two a week for a few months now and suddenly people see it. Funny and cool. 🙂
Especially at school. My students keep making comments, and they always make me feel great.
Today while I was on “make out” patrol (my hall is make out central. I stand out there during passing saying ‘Ew, gross, don’t show your love. You’re making me sick. Ick.’ ….I know not very pro romance writer of me, but man these kids can be gross. :[)
I digress…
Anyway, so today I’m standing there on make out patrol when one of my editors walks up and says, “WOW! Mrs. Lee, you look so great.” I’m feeling awesome, wonderful, ‘so great’ when she finishes. “You know. You’re so different now. You really look great.”
And off she went.
I think I definitely see something in there I can use in a book.


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