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That day job I love so much nearly killed me this week. Deadline, deadline, deadline. And then my wonderful, incredible yearbook editor figured out we’d somehow missed sending a page in to the plant in NOVEMBER when it was due. I nearly died. And all I could think today was UGH!
We switched to a strange, crazy seven period day, hour classes schedule and even though it’s really a good thing, it makes my job ACK at times. Today was one of those times.
The good thing: At the end of the day I could look at my students and say they’re the best. And I truly believe that.

And the best thing is…It’s Friday so I have a TON of time to spend with my wonderful, lovely characters in my new story!
Woo Hoo!

Day Jobs

I love my day job. I mean I really love it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I get to work with the best kids in my school. It keeps me on my toes and it keeps me young. It’s fun. Stressful but still a good time. Of course we’re ALWAYS on deadline, so that gets old, but it’s great for adrenaline.

BUT it doesn’t come close to the feeling of writing a great story and awesome characters and watching the whole thing unfold over time. I love my new hero. I mean it. It’s crazy but I do. I think he’s my best hero to date. He’s just so real. And my heroine is learning so much about herself! I can’t wait to see these two get together. BUT they’ve got another 100 pages before they can get too comfortable.

I can’t wait for the weekend. I write in acts and my stories tend to be three acts. I finished Act 1 on my new story and I want to go back and flesh it out. Make sure all the words are working. Push the tension. But it’s got to wait until the weekend. That’s MAJOR work, and it can’t be done in spurts like the writing can. I love my day job but I’d love to take off tomorrow to get started on that Act 1 revision! But deadlines beckon and DD would miss me, so I won’t do that. 🙂

Where’s the magic?

Sometimes I sit at the computer and it’s almost magical. The words flow, the story unwinds, the people feel absolutely real. It’s the most amazing feeling int he world.
And then there’s nights like tonight. Where did those people go? What happened to my incredible plot and my sizzling tension? And hel-lo why can’t I seem to use the English language in all its greatness. Why did an Internet search of a dead person take on the feel of a call to grandma to see how cookie making’s coming along. UGH!
Usually a great episode of Alias inspires me beyond belief. Maybe if I would’ve started writing then instead of watching L&O. (It was so NOT good, I can’t even go into how bad it was!)
Oh well. I finally admitted defeat, webbed some ideas for how to get where I’m going and made a few notes about stuff I know I want to add. Maybe it’s that I was writing to the first major turning point and I got in too much of a hurry. I don’t know.
I think I will go back and really punch up this first part of my new book. Make it shine, check my clues, add some characterization. I write in thirds, so this is Act 1. I’ll have to look at this revision as a fun puzzle to solve. Maybe then I can be as excited about it as I am about writing new words when the magic’s there.
I guess we’ll see. Tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to sleep. And I’m NOT watching any more TV!

It’s back!

Finally! Alias is back to its kick butt self. I’m totally addicted to this show. I mean TOTALLY. It’s kind of crazy, but the show makes me feel like I can kick butt with the best of them. (That’s a complete fabrication of my Alias addicted brain, but so what!?)
The first wo of the new season drove me crazy. None of the threads made sense and some of them were so totally out there I couldn’t beleive it. Espeically the one with APO. But then tonight’s show brought the story back to the incredible characters and it was amazing. I cried! Thank GOD they found a way to make it work.

TV Troubles

I hate X-Files. 😦
Actually I LOVE X-FIles. And Lost and Alias and Desperate Housewives and Law and Order and Buffy. AND SURVIVOR!
The other day someone on e-Harlequin talked about how she limits her TV consumption to one hour a day. I didn’t post because I have no idea how much TV I watch a day. But I do know I watched an HOUR of it between midnight and 1 am. Last night’s X-Files was one I’d seen a million times before, but I still stayed up watching it even though I knew I HAD to get up this morning and go to work.
The episode was the genie in a bottle story. It made me think. What would I do with three wishes.
After watching the show I decided I wouldn’t want the wishes.
Those writers were so incredible. They take absolutely unbelievable stuff and make it seem real. I think it’s because Mulder and Scully are so real. They’re people we know.
I really miss that show.

Woo Hoo

10 page, 10 pages, 10 pages. Woo Hoo! It’s been so long since I wrote ten fast, fun pages! I’m so glad I switched to BIAW method to break through this creative issue I was having. It’s amazing what happens when you free the creative side of your brain.
My poor characters. I’m torturing the heck out of them. It’s so much fun.
Woo Hoo!

To Edit or not to edit…

You’d think after all this time I’d know which way to go. Write the book, boom, OR edit as I go.
Nope. Not a clue. But I have decided to write the book through this time just to see what happens. I used to love my nightly writing sessions and I think that’s why, so I’m going back to that and we’ll see what happens.
I wrote a lot last night. 🙂

Lucky for me, Julie Miller’s doing a Q&A on e-Harlequin this week. She’s such an awesome writer. I asked her my burning RS question. How to keep the plots from getting so big! I know when I read romance I’m reading it for the people. I want to know them. The suspense is secondary. I’m afrfaid I’m building huge plots without enough characterization. So I’m working on that. It makes for interesting questions while I’m writing. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as too much characterization. I guess we’ll see with my new work.

I watched Hope Floats again last night. Now that’s what I’m going for. Those characters are so real! I LOVE that movie.

Woo Hoo weigh down

I weigh in every Monday, so I’ll update that part of my journey every Monday. And better health is definitely a part of my journey to publication!
Today I’m down 36 pounds. Woo Hoo! I can’t believe how much better I feel. I can breathe and it’s wonderful. I do cardio an hour a day 4-6 times a week and I added arm weights today. I used to do more weights, a full circuit on nautilus equipment. BUT I feel better doing cardio and since I elliptical, that takes care of my gluteals and legs, so I’m not going to do those weights right now. Since I cardio an hour a day, I don’t want to take up that much more time doing the full circuit. It takes around 45 minutes. There are only so many hours in a day and I need to write! And I’m not willing to give up the cardio because I swear it feels better than just about anything. (just about) 🙂

Wrong Mother!

DD was born to the wrong mother. I swear! I am the most anti-artistic person I know when it comes to decorating. Most people have pictures on their walls, cute furniture settings, themes running from one area to another.
Not me. I painted last year. That was a first.
DD’s been talking about doing a Paris theme in her room. I figure whatever. I mean her room is a nuclear waste zone usually, so it’s no big.
But somehow DD underwent a pod person transformation. Over the weekend she totally revamped her room. Cleaned stuff up and transformed it into…you guessed it, a Paris/Asian theme. She had some Japanese silk hangings from a friend, so she used those and a fan as accents AND she did some funky canopy hanging out of plain sheets, a curtain hanger and thumb tacks. And she hung a funky green jacket and a little black dress on her wall over her curtains. It looks like a fashion studio. Sometimes I stand in awe.
Half her room still looks like nuclear waste land. She says that’s changing today. I guess we’ll see.

About Last Night

Okay, my CPs tell me Romantic Suspense is where I belong. I tend to agree. My brain is wired to see conspiracy theories everywhere. I question everything. I see the bad guys even when they’re not there.
So what’s different about writing it?
Suddenly plot points drive my stories and I can see that’s not a good thing. I just realized it last night. I knew I was writing from point A to point B, but I got there too fast. My characters might be real to me, but they’re not real to a reader.
It’s something I need to work on tonight.
Thankfully Jill Monroe and Gena Showalter were our speakers last week at my local chapter’s meeting:
And they talked about mind mapping. I’ve used it a million times before, but never with my stories. I think I’ll do some mapping while I’m sitting at the car lot waiting for the body dudes to put my running boards back on my car. Somehow they knocked them off when they were changing my oil last month.
Grumble, grumble.
Not fun.
But mind mapping might be.
I guess we’ll see.