Daily Archives: January 21, 2005


It doesn’t matter how much I cry, I still think Steel Magnolias is the best movie ever made. I just finished watching it. Cried the last thirty minutes. It’s such a reaffirming movie. I love Shelby’s words to her mother. “I’d rather have three minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”
Talk about inspiration.

So Sad!

Being a journalism teacher has its ups. Today was a down. We watched the unfolding story of the girl in Tyler who was abducted after leaving her Wal-Mart job. SOOOOOO Sad! When they broke the news that the man who’d kidnapped her had been found shot, my students hoped the girl had shot him. Then they broke the news that they’d found her body. ūüė¶ Very sad. We probably should have turned off the TV. Sometimes watching the live coverage isn’t the best way to teach news. But once the story broke we wanted to know what happened. Even though we knew it wasn’t going to end in happily ever after, we wanted to know. It’s a topic for discussion later. What is it that makes us keep watching even when the outcome is so bad? But it wasn’t a topic for discussion today.


That day job I love so much nearly killed me this week. Deadline, deadline, deadline. And then my wonderful, incredible yearbook editor figured out we’d somehow missed sending a page in to the plant in NOVEMBER when it was due. I nearly died. And all I could think today was UGH!
We switched to a strange, crazy seven period day, hour classes schedule and even though it’s really a good thing, it makes my job ACK at times. Today was one of those times.
The good thing: At the end of the day I could look at my students and say they’re the best. And I truly believe that.

And the best thing is…It’s Friday so I have a TON of time to spend with my wonderful, lovely characters in my new story!
Woo Hoo!