Daily Archives: January 19, 2005

Where’s the magic?

Sometimes I sit at the computer and it’s almost magical. The words flow, the story unwinds, the people feel absolutely real. It’s the most amazing feeling int he world.
And then there’s nights like tonight. Where did those people go? What happened to my incredible plot and my sizzling tension? And hel-lo why can’t I seem to use the English language in all its greatness. Why did an Internet search of a dead person take on the feel of a call to grandma to see how cookie making’s coming along. UGH!
Usually a great episode of Alias inspires me beyond belief. Maybe if I would’ve started writing then instead of watching L&O. (It was so NOT good, I can’t even go into how bad it was!)
Oh well. I finally admitted defeat, webbed some ideas for how to get where I’m going and made a few notes about stuff I know I want to add. Maybe it’s that I was writing to the first major turning point and I got in too much of a hurry. I don’t know.
I think I will go back and really punch up this first part of my new book. Make it shine, check my clues, add some characterization. I write in thirds, so this is Act 1. I’ll have to look at this revision as a fun puzzle to solve. Maybe then I can be as excited about it as I am about writing new words when the magic’s there.
I guess we’ll see. Tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to sleep. And I’m NOT watching any more TV!

It’s back!

Finally! Alias is back to its kick butt self. I’m totally addicted to this show. I mean TOTALLY. It’s kind of crazy, but the show makes me feel like I can kick butt with the best of them. (That’s a complete fabrication of my Alias addicted brain, but so what!?)
The first wo of the new season drove me crazy. None of the threads made sense and some of them were so totally out there I couldn’t beleive it. Espeically the one with APO. But then tonight’s show brought the story back to the incredible characters and it was amazing. I cried! Thank GOD they found a way to make it work.

TV Troubles

I hate X-Files. 😦
Actually I LOVE X-FIles. And Lost and Alias and Desperate Housewives and Law and Order and Buffy. AND SURVIVOR!
The other day someone on e-Harlequin talked about how she limits her TV consumption to one hour a day. I didn’t post because I have no idea how much TV I watch a day. But I do know I watched an HOUR of it between midnight and 1 am. Last night’s X-Files was one I’d seen a million times before, but I still stayed up watching it even though I knew I HAD to get up this morning and go to work.
The episode was the genie in a bottle story. It made me think. What would I do with three wishes.
After watching the show I decided I wouldn’t want the wishes.
Those writers were so incredible. They take absolutely unbelievable stuff and make it seem real. I think it’s because Mulder and Scully are so real. They’re people we know.
I really miss that show.