To Edit or not to edit…

You’d think after all this time I’d know which way to go. Write the book, boom, OR edit as I go.
Nope. Not a clue. But I have decided to write the book through this time just to see what happens. I used to love my nightly writing sessions and I think that’s why, so I’m going back to that and we’ll see what happens.
I wrote a lot last night. 🙂

Lucky for me, Julie Miller’s doing a Q&A on e-Harlequin this week. She’s such an awesome writer. I asked her my burning RS question. How to keep the plots from getting so big! I know when I read romance I’m reading it for the people. I want to know them. The suspense is secondary. I’m afrfaid I’m building huge plots without enough characterization. So I’m working on that. It makes for interesting questions while I’m writing. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as too much characterization. I guess we’ll see with my new work.

I watched Hope Floats again last night. Now that’s what I’m going for. Those characters are so real! I LOVE that movie.

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