About Last Night

Okay, my CPs tell me Romantic Suspense is where I belong. I tend to agree. My brain is wired to see conspiracy theories everywhere. I question everything. I see the bad guys even when they’re not there.
So what’s different about writing it?
Suddenly plot points drive my stories and I can see that’s not a good thing. I just realized it last night. I knew I was writing from point A to point B, but I got there too fast. My characters might be real to me, but they’re not real to a reader.
It’s something I need to work on tonight.
Thankfully Jill Monroe and Gena Showalter were our speakers last week at my local chapter’s meeting: http://www.rrrw.org
And they talked about mind mapping. I’ve used it a million times before, but never with my stories. I think I’ll do some mapping while I’m sitting at the car lot waiting for the body dudes to put my running boards back on my car. Somehow they knocked them off when they were changing my oil last month.
Grumble, grumble.
Not fun.
But mind mapping might be.
I guess we’ll see.


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